Friday, August 29, 2014

Review + Giveaway: Spicy Shelf Spice Rack

Lately, I've really been trying to maximize the smaller space we have in the apartment with great organizational tools.

Our kitchen is one area that's given me trouble.  There is just SO much stuff to cram into a small space  - pots, pans, food, appliances, etc.  You get the idea - it's a bunch of junk.  And it's a bunch of junk that you have to keep organized or it will take you over.

My spice cabinet was one area I really concentrated on a few months ago.  I ordered those clips that attach to the back of your cabinet for spices.  Sounds like a great idea, right?

Yeah, don't do it.

It might just be that we live in quite possibly the most humid place on the planet, but they stuck for a total of 2 days.  I finally gave up after I opened my cabinets for the 15th time to spice bottles raining on me.

It wasn't fun.

So it's been a big ol' unorganized mess in the spice cabinet for a few weeks.  That's why I'm so glad I got the chance to review the Spicy Shelf Spice Rack!

The idea is really simple - it's a sturdy plastic rack that can be adjusted (via varying leg sizes) to fit your cabinet.  I have the two sets of short legs on this one, just because our current cabinets are set really low.  But, this could definitely be made taller if you need more space.  The shelves also expand out horizontally if you need more shelf room.

It was crazy easy to put together - I did it while I was waiting on water to boil for dinner one night.  Just snap the size legs in that you need and you're done!

It fits into our cabinets perfectly and gives us an extra shelf to store smaller bottles, with a center area for the larger bottles.  I've got to adjust our cabinets for space to store spices on the top shelf of the Spicy Shelf too.

Love the Spicy Shelf - I'd highly recommend it.  It's great for spices, but it has so many household uses - makeup, medicines, nail polish - you name it.  Click here for more information on how to buy the Spicy Shelf - and you can use the code SPICE5 for $5 off your Spicy Shelf!

And one of you lucky ducks is going to win a set of 2 Spicy Shelves!  Just enter with the Giveaway Tools widget below.  I'll pick a winner next Friday night and notify the winner the next day!

Good luck!

*Spicy Shelf provided me a spice rack for the review and one to give to one of my readers in exchange for my honest opinion in this post.  All opinions are my own.


  1. I think that this would work well for medicine bottles that I keep in my kitchen

  2. What a neat little tool to help me organize my spices.

  3. By my stove... really need this.

  4. This would be awesome for our little spaceless condo :)

  5. I would put it in the cabinet to the left of my stove. I think it would really help keep my spices organized and it would be easier to find the spices too!