Thursday, March 27, 2014

Recipe - Skinny Root Beer Float Cupcakes

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Since January, I've been working really hard to watch what I eat and stay active.  I count calories meticulously and make sure I'm getting plenty of exercise every week.

Skinny Root Beer Float Cupcakes - under 100 calories each!

But honestly?  Sometimes a girl just needs a cupcake.

So I've finally found a solution to my sweet tooth problem!  You've probably heard of Dr. Pepper TEN before, but did you know that there are also TEN versions of 7UP, Sunkist, A&W, and Canada Dry?  I found these products at Walmart this week and absolutely fell in love. They offer a soda with less calories without sacrificing flavor!

Skinny Root Beer Float Cupcakes - under 100 calories each!

I really like using these drinks in the traditional, drink-it-out-of-a-cup-with-a-straw way.  But they are also amazing to use in recipes too!

A few days ago, I whipped up a fun treat with A&W Ten..and I absolutely loved how it turned out.  Here's the recipe!

Skinny Root Beer Float Cupcakes - under 100 calories each!

Skinny Root Beer Float Cupcakes


1 box Vanilla Cake Mix
1 1/4 cup (or just shy of a can) A&W TEN soda, plus another 1/2 cup
24 Cupcake Liners
1 tub (4 cups) Sugar Free Whipped Topping
1 tbsp Root Beer Concentrate (This can be found in the seasoning aisle, with the rest of the extracts.  No big deal if you can't find it...just use Vanilla Flavoring.)


Mix together cake mix and 1 1/4 cup of A&W TEN until there are no lumps.  Spoon mixture into cupcake liners in a muffin pan.  Fill cupcake liners about 2/3 full.

Skinny Root Beer Float Cupcakes - under 100 calories each!

Bake cupcakes for 17-20 minutes, or until tops of cupcakes start to brown.  Take out of oven and remove from muffin pan.

Poke 3-4 holes in the top of each cupcake (I used a chopstick).  Take about a tablespoon of A&W TEN per cupcake and pour into the holes.  Place in refrigerator and cool completely.

Mix together root beer concentrate and whipped topping.  Put about 1/4 cup of whipped topping mixture on top of each cupcake.

If made using this recipe, these cupcakes are under 100 calories each...and you'll never notice there's less flavor!  These are a great sweet snack to have on hand if you're dieting, or even if you're not.  Low calorie, full flavor, and can't beat that!

Skinny Root Beer Float Cupcakes - under 100 calories each!

You can find the Four Ten Calorie DPSG products at your local Walmart.  You can also check out info on the Facebook or Twitter pages!

And if you want to save a little when you're buying, click here to find out how to save up to $1.50 off two 2 liter bottles or 2 4-pack cans of 7UP TEN, A&W TEN, Canada Dry TEN, RC TEN or Sunkist TEN soda.  Offer valid 3/27-4/17.  While supplies last.


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