Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Here's my version of a break-down of Swagbucks.  Basically, it's awesome.  It's a rewards company where you earn points (or "bucks") for doing lots of different things - Internet searches (like Google), watching videos, completing polls, completing surveys, using certain programs, etc.  This is by far the easiest rewards program I've found!

I do certain things that get me Swagbucks every day.  I always refresh my toolbar, complete a special offer, answer a poll, and check my surveys - that's an automatic 4 bucks a day.  Then, you do searches.  I usually do a search in the morning, the afternoon, and the night - that will usually get you 2 (sometimes 3) winning searches a day.  You get different amounts of Swagbucks for winning searches - anywhere from 7 to 50.  You don't win on every search you do, it's random, but doing it at 3 different times a day has gotten me the best result.

Occasionally (usually about once a day for 2-3 hours), there is a swag code - these are codes released as a promotion and are only active for a couple of hours.  Sometimes these are on the Swagbucks blog, sometimes on facebook, some on twitter, and other random places - you just kind of have to know where to look.  You learn as you go!  These codes are good for anywhere from a few to as much as 10-15 swagbucks.

The best way I've found to earn Swagbucks is to get friends to sign up under your referral link.  Every time one of your referrals earns bucks for searching, you get a matching amount!  This is good for the first 1,000 Swagbucks for each user.  Think about it - if you have 5 referrals, and they're getting 15 Swagbucks a day, you're getting 75 Swagbucks for doing NOTHING!  It really adds up if you have a lot of referrals.  So - email your referral link to your friends, your family, and even post it on your facebook/blog...you'll be surprised how many people sign up!  (Thanks, by the way, for all of those that sign up under the links on this page - you'll be on my referral list, so you'll be helping me!)

Now the fun part - the rewards.  If you earn 450 Swagbucks, you can get a $5 Amazon gift card.  These are awesome, since Amazon sells everything you can think of.  You name it, seriously.  They also offer a bunch of other gift cards, but everybody I know that uses Swagbucks gets the Amazon cards.  These are great since Christmas is coming up...go on and buy those Christmas presents on Amazon!  They have really good deals anyway.

So, there you have it - you will not regret signing up.  It definitely isn't a scam, I can assure you that.  You're not going to make a ton of money overnight, but every little bit helps!

Go here to sign up...you get 30 free bucks for joining!

Note: I did not receive any compensation for writing this, besides any Swagbucks I earn from you signing up under my referrals.  I just had a lot of people ask, and I wanted to explain!

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