Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Not Drinking My Calories

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  I'm sure if you've ever been on a diet in your life, you've heard the term "don't drink your calories." It's a rule that, for me, has constantly shown its value.  I can tell such a huge difference in my weight loss success when I cut sugary, calorie-laden drinks out of my diet.

But let's have some real talk: it's hard.  I love a big cup of creamer-filled coffee as much as anybody else, and man, sometimes it just seems like you just need a fountain soda.  I'll be the first to admit that sometimes it's just hard to live by this rule.  But it really is one of the most effective ways to cut calories out of your diet.

I have a challenge for y'all.  For one week, write down every single thing you drink, calorie-free or not.  You can click on the graphic above (or click here) to go to a printable .pdf version if you'd like to use this.  Write down what each drink is, how many calories it has (google is your friend), and whether it is water or not.  Then, add up all of those calories after the week is over...divide that number by 3500 (the number of calories in a pound of fat).  That's how much weight you could have lost just that week from cutting drink calories out of your diet.  You'll be shocked what a difference it makes!

Let's also go on and admit this fact: regular water gets boring.  I love it occasionally, especially when I'm working out, but I would lose my mind if I could only drink plain water.  I need flavor!

That's where this guy comes in. I love Pure Via because you get the best of both worlds: calorie-free sweetness that provides a natural alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners.  This is a great alternative for those that are trying to live a healthy lifestyle.  Pure Via is actually made from the extract of the stevia plant.  It's not only natural, but Pure Via is also Non-GMO.

One of my favorite ways to use Pure Via is in a big fat glass of iced tea.  It takes no time at all to brew a big batch and pop it in the fridge.  I use about one pack of Pure Via per tall glass - I find that it packs a little more punch than a similar-sized pack of artificial sweetener.  This is my favorite go-to for an afternoon drink while I'm working or cleaning!

I've recently started infusing water with fruits/herbs...guys, if you haven't tried this out, it's incredible.  Pineapples, lemons, apples, and peaches are amazing for infusing water...just drop a few sliced fruits in a pitcher of water and let sit for 12-24 hours.  I even tried a few sliced strawberries and torn basil in some yesterday...delicious!  Again, I use about a pack of Pure Via per large glass of infused water.  I like infused water to be kind of light, so I don't want it too sweet.  Pure Via does the perfect job of adding a little flavor without overwhelming the flavor.

We live in a great time - we have natural sweeteners that not only provide a little flavor and sweetness, but cater to a healthy lifestyle. I love Pure Via for a quick, healthy, and calorie-free drink! 

I found the 40-count pack of Pure Via at my local Walmart.  You can pair their already great price with this coupon for ONE (1) Pure Via® Non-GMO, All Natural, Zero Calorie 40 Ct., while supplies last.  You can also download a free song and cookbook/songbook from Jewel at Pure Via's website...here's the link!

Find out more information about Pure Via at their website, Facebook page, or Twitter page!

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