Tuesday, May 13, 2014

#MealsTogether with Tyson

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The thing about lunch time around here - it's either really slow, or really busy.

There are days when we love to stay home in our jammies.  We just kind of go with the flow - eat lunch whenever, do whatever.  Those are the days when I have time to really plan out a fun lunch.

But then there are the days like today.  When I have 15 errands to run in an hour, and just don't have time to really plan out a fun meal.

Or so I thought. :)

It turns out that you really can make a fun meal really quickly!

Tyson chicken nuggets have been a staple in our freezer for awhile now.  I thought a little bit outside of the box for lunch today, and made a super easy (and delicious) meal with them!

Did you know that Tyson Chicken Nuggets are the perfect size for a slider?  I used them to make Teryaki Chicken Sliders with a Sriracha slaw.  Delicious, and so easy!

Microwave your nuggets for about 1 minute.  Put them in a bowl with about a tablespoon of Teryaki sauce, and toss.  Place on a divided dinner roll.

In the same bowl, mix 1/4 cup cabbage slaw, 1 tablespoon of light mayo, and 1 teaspoon of Sriracha. Top the nuggets with this slaw mix.  Garnish with sliced carrots.

Easy peasy.  I served with grapes and a few chips, and had an incredibly no-fuss and delicious meal!

Emma Ramey has loved having lunch on the porch lately, so we dined outside for lunch today.

She had Tyson chicken nuggets, a few pieces of sliced carrot, a piece of string cheese, and a few slices of apple.  Again, we're going for easy for lunch today - and Tyson helped with that!

I love lunches with this girl - whether they're busy or not!  It's always a great time for us to relax and talk.

You have the chance to win with Tyson!  Click here to check out their #MealsTogether contest.  Just submit a picture of your family's meal time for the chance to win a weekly prize pack or the $1500 gift card grand prize!  I entered with the picture of Emma Ramey above.

Good luck!

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